As promised, Driven Web Series 2015 is back, and so is Harve! Powered by Petronas Primax 95 with Advanced Energy Formula, we’re setting up the battle of the powertrains, comparing hybrid, petrol, diesel and all-electric technologies to find out which one’s ideal for you.

Taking up the challenge are the petrol-electric Toyota Camry Hybrid, the Ford Mondeo Ecoboost petrol turbo and the Peugeot 508 GT turbodiesel. See how they stack up against each other (on paper) on

All three D-segment sedans have over 200 hp, but with wildly varying torque figures – 213 Nm (engine) + 270 Nm (electric motor) for the Camry, 345 Nm for the Mondeo and 450 Nm for 508 GT. How would these numbers feel from behind the wheel, and how economical would each car be?

Find out in the video above. Stay tuned next week as we look at Malaysia’s most affordable cars. The Perodua Axia is a given, of course, but what other cars would we compare it to? Find out for yourself next Wednesday, October 28.