Teased over a few short clips last week, we now have the full #ViosPulseOfAction stunt video. The new one minute advertisement shows a Toyota Vios quartet going very sideways together along familiar Putrajaya roads. It’s pretty cool stuff, this.

Even cooler, perhaps, is the second video – The Making of #ViosPulseOfAction. This one highlights snippets of how the clip was made, apparently with professional Japanese video crew and precision drivers. And as you’d have guessed, yes, some tyres were harmed in the making of this video.

As for the four base jumpers in the video – well, just watch the Making Of video to find out how they shot that scene. We won’t spoil it for you.

Watch them both here, and do tell us what you think of the #ViosPulseOfAction stunt video in the comments section below.