Tokyo is always good for novelties, and the 44th edition of the show had quite a few of these – let’s take a look at a quartet of futuristic vehicles as our show coverage begins to wind down to an end.

Honda had two concepts on call. The first is the Wander Stand, which offers a look at how future personal mobility might well look like. As the moniker suggests, the study – which features new autonomous driving technologies such as the Honda Omni Traction Drive System – offers occupants (two, in this case) to freely roam about.

The second Honda study is called the Wander Walker, and this one is designed to freely maneuver among pedestrians. The automaker tags is as an “urban micro-mover for one,” and navigating around tight city spaces is a cinch.

Toyota Coms Connect TMS-2

For starters, the front wheels can turn a full 90 degrees, making for great rotatability – directional changes are made through swivelling the handlebars. The Wander Walker also features a free-standing display screen to provide navigation and useful info for the rider.

Next, the COMS Connect, which looks to be a future evolution of Toyota Auto Body’s current COMS compact EV. The 2,500 mm long, 1,300 mm wide and 1,750 mm tall offering is by default a single occupancy vehicle, though the company says that a tandem option is possible. Aside as a twin-people mover, the EV can be configured for use as a delivery vehicle.

The COMS Connect is powered by in-wheel electric motors, juiced by a lithium-ion battery. Steering and movement is accomplished via steer-by-wire joystick control. Multi-dipslay info is displayed on the canopy, or rather front windshield.

Toyoda Gosei Flesby TMS-1

Finally, the Toyoda Gosei Flesby Airbag Car, which is a rather meaty-looking (and soft to the touch) proposition. Striking too, what with a bright fluorescent green shade dominating much of the exterior. The name is actually a shortened form of Flexible Smart Body, and the design offers a look at what a small mobile carrier might shape up to be like in 2030.

The ultra-compact two-wheel drive measures in at 3,040 mm long, 1,200 mm wide and 1,370 mm tall. No mention of occupancy capability, but by the looks of it the vehicle should be a single-seater.

The Flesby’s soft exterior (no deviant thoughts, please) is there for a cause – the airbags that are the body panels inflate in the event of a collision with a pedestrian, thereby limiting injury. Wonder how much replacement bags will cost.

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