G90 Rendering

Hyundai, or Genesis, we should say, has revealed sketches of its first ever luxury model, the Genesis G90. The luxury sedan designed and developed by Hyundai’s latest sub-brand will also be known as the EQ900 in Korea, where the car will be fully unveiled as soon as early December.

The G90 will effectively replace the soon-to-be-discontinued Equus when it takes over as Hyundai Motor’s range-topping model, and promises to deliver a concept of “New Luxury” to its customers.

If the final product looks anything like this digital rendering, clearly, the brand is well on track to deliver on its promises of being “elegantly designed,” at the very least. The large and stylish front grille is flanked by impressively-designed LED headlamps, with daytime running light strips positioned just beneath.

There is a seemingly high use of chrome elements throughout the vehicle that appear to establish this sedan’s premium appeal, while the Genesis emblem parks itself proudly at the tip of the vehicle’s bonnet. Despite the G90 being a large four-door sedan, its design does share a lot in common with the more compact two-door Hyundai Vision G Coupe concept.

G90 Rendering

Few specifics were detailed in the official press materials, but the Genesis brand is obviously making quite a few grand promises. On top of reassuring us of its “elegant design” and its being “technology packed,” the G90 sedan is also said to be equipped with a “raft of world-best safety features and technological innovations to set itself apart in the luxury market.”

Woong-Chul Yang, Head of Hyundai Motor R&D Center and Vice Chairman of Hyundai Motor, said, “Genesis’ new large luxury sedan G90 will deliver a concept of ‘New Luxury’ to our customers. The G90 sits at the pinnacle of the Genesis brand and demonstrates how we apply our human-centered values to give our customer true satisfaction in every aspect of the vehicle ownership experience.”

As mentioned, the Genesis G90 is the first model to come from the newly-established Hyundai sub-brand, and definitely not be its only – the company has promised that a total of six new Genesis models will be revealed before the end of year 2020. A G80 sedan is expected to follow, replacing the existing Hyundai Genesis, while a smaller G70 sedan has also been rumoured.

Genesis has also fiddled with the idea of a coupe model — possibly one that better reflects the current Vision G Coupe concept — and several new SUVs. So, what do you think of this new Korean luxury establishment?

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