The all-new Mazda CX-9 will make its appearance at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show after a teaser image of the three-row crossover was revealed earlier in the month. However, it looks like the anticipation has been cut short, as screenshots of what appears to be said car has popped up on the internet before its global debut.

On first impressions, the CX-9 is now up to speed with the rest of the Mazda line-up and their shared Kodo design language. The bulbous front end is now replaced with one that has more in common with the Mazda 6 sedan. This includes new slimmer headlights, new grille with centre-mounted brand badge, thin fog lamp slits and sculpted bumper.

The vehicle’s profile isn’t entirely different from the current model, although the rear window is sloped more to lend a sleeker look. Keep in mind that the teaser released by Mazda was merely a sketch and therefore, might be a little far-fetched when representing the “dynamic” look of the crossover.

Moving to the rear, the changes are highly noticeable as those seen at the front. The taillights are completely new, and significantly slimmer than before, with what appears to be a chrome element linking them. The lower rear fascia also features a larger rear reflector with a chromed exhaust tip resting below each of them, respectively.


The series of screenshots even include the car’s interior, which appears to be an evolution of that found in the Mazda 6, with no hint of the current (CX-9) model in it. Prominently displayed on the dashboard is the MZD infotainment screen that appears to be resting on an off-coloured trim piece that runs across the whole dash.

Just below it are the angular air-con vents with chrome surrounds. Cooling is regulated via the control panel that is nestled between the vents and the gear shift. Even though the image is a little grainy, there appears to be a Sport mode selector near the gear shift, as those seen on recent Mazda models.

The instrument cluster also looks unchanged from the Mazda 6 but the steering wheel has now been remade to have a more angular look. Elsewhere, the Commander Control dial and buttons for the MZD system has been shuffled closer to the gear shift with the electronic parking brake switch placed beside it, no doubt for easier reach.

With the all-new Mazda CX-9, all traces of Ford technologies, as found in the current model, is out the window, replaced with the brand’s trademark SkyActiv series of technologies. This includes the platform that substitutes the previous Ford CD3 platform from the Ford Edge, along with its 3.7 litre V6 engine (273 hp/366 Nm). Spyshots of a test mule has already been sighted on the road.

Expect the CX-9 to be powered by the direct-injected SkyActiv-G petrol and/or SkyActiv-D diesel engines. A potential engine choice from the SkyActiv-G arsenal could be the 185 hp/250 Nm 2.5 litre mill or even something turbocharged to match its predecessor. As for the diesel offering, the 2.2 litre mill pumps out 173 hp and 420 Nm of torque. Transmission options include SkyActiv-Drive automatic or SkyActiv-MT manual gearboxes.

Mazda fans will be quick to point out where the Koeru concept fits into the CX-9 and the truth is, it doesn’t. The current CX-9 sits three rows of passenger with a wheelbase of 2,875 mm. The Koeru meanwhile, has a wheelbase of 2,700 mm, the same as the CX-5. This makes it more suitable to become as sportier version of the CX-5 or an entirely new model altogether.