Sarawak Road Traffic -01

As of November 17, an increase in the number of road accidents has been registered in Sarawak. Compared to the same period last year, 2015 sees an increase of 1,033 cases (6.65%) in total accidents, Bernama reports. A total of 16,573 cases have been reported, compared to 15,540 last year, according to State Police Commissioner, Datuk Muhammad Sabtu Osman.

A majority of the accidents were due to vehicle break-downs, which make up a significant portion of this year’s numbers. “During the period, accidents from vehicle break-down were 15,810 cases, light accidents, 252 cases, serious accidents, 168 cases and fatal accidents, 343 cases,” Osman said.

He further expressed his discontent over the increase, “I am not too happy with this accident statistics. I fervently hope society take cognisance as vehicle accidents is not a game,” he said. Earlier, Sarawak Road Safety Department director Davina Agnes Enteli noted that the largest state in Malaysia records an average of one or two fatalities daily.


She attributed the fatalities to violation of road laws by motorists. “It is important to occasionally hold road safety campaigns to create public awareness about road safety,” Davina Agnes suggested.

Meanwhile, the Sarawak police force has received a fleet of 52 patrol cars. The Kuching District Police HQ has been allocated with 18 cars, Miri police, 13 cars, Bintulu with seven cars, while two more cars have been allocated for the Sarawak State Astana. Osman noted that more frequent patrols are now possible.