With the holiday season just around the corner, shopping will be big business and a busy affair. With that, Volvo Cars of Sweden has teamed up with Postnord, the Nordic region’s leading communication and logistics supplier, alongside Lexmer.com – an online toys and baby goods store and Mat.se, an online grocery store.

The partnership allows Volvo owners to purchase holiday gifts or groceries online, and have them delivered directly to their vehicle with Volvo’s In-car delivery service. How it works is as such: owners place their orders for goods through these online stores, and upon checkout, Postnord will then deliver and store them in the owner’s vehicles – via a digital key.

The digital key is used by the delivery company (Postnord) which grants the deliverer a one-time access to the owner’s vehicle. The digital key is required so that he or she can store the goods ordered, in the boot.

Once the shipment has been completed, owners will then receive a notification to acknowledge that the goods are in, and drivers can drive home without ever having to visit a store physically. On that note, the brand hopes to have a wider range of deliverable goods in time to come.

At the moment, the Volvo In-car Deliver service is only available in Gothenburg, Sweden and owners who subscribe to Volvo On Call service. However, the company says that it will be introduced in other parts of Sweden and other countries in the future.

So guys, what do you think of this neat store-to-car shopping service – do you think it will work here in Malaysia?