No, it’s not about Clarkson, Hammond and May and the new motoring show on the Amazon Prime Video streaming service, but instead, it’s an ad about the company’s new drone delivery service.

In a new video, Jeremy Clarkson talks about the company’s new delivery drone. Called Amazon Prime Air, it’s a future service that will see air drones delivering packages up to 2.26 kg in 30 minutes or less, to one’s doorstep or lawn, for that matter. The Prime Air drone weighs less than 24 kg and can go up to 24 km, at an altitude of less than 400 feet.

In the video, the drone delivery service is demonstrated in much detail with the use of the average family’s bulldog, a shoe and a doggy bone. Although the ad is impressive to watch, it’s Clarkson’s signature style of narration that really captures our attention. Oh, how we miss it!

Jeremy Clarkson Amazon Prime Air-01

Clarkson, Hammond and May is a new motoring show that will debut on Amazon Prime. The trio have begun filming the first episode which will involve hybrid hypercars such as the Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and the Porsche 918 Spyder.

Three seasons of the new show, consisting of 12 one-hour episodes each, have been finalised. Meanwhile, May 8, 2016 will see a new episode of Top Gear being aired – it will be hosted by Chris Evans, in place of the iconic trio.