2015 Ford Mustang additional 1

Over in Australia, news has come about that pricing for the Ford Mustang has gone up by as much as AUD$2,500 (RM7,700) due to the foreign exchange rate, CarAdvice reports. The sixth-gen S550 hasn’t officially made its debut yet, but it’s due to sometime in January – the first Oz-spec cars arrived in the country last week.

The increase involves both 2.3L EcoBoost and 5.0L GT versions that will be available in the country, six variants in all. The EcoBoost fastback (coupe) manual and automatic as well as the auto version of the convertible will now be AUD$1,000 (RM3,077) more than when pricing was first announced in March.

The 2.3L EcoBoost Mustang now starts from AUD$45,990 (RM141,970) for the six-speed Getrag MT82-equipped manual right up to AUD$54,990 (RM169,270) for the ZF-based 6R80-equipped six-speed auto convertible variant.

The same three variant configuration is available for the GT, and the price hike for the 5.0 litre Coyote V8-equipped models are AUD$2,500 across the board. Pricing now begins at AUD$57,490 (RM177,000) for the fastback manual to AUD$66,490 (RM204,700) for the convertible.

Ford Mustang LA 50

The report adds that buyers who have booked the now sold-out 2015 and 2016 build runs will be exempt from the price increase, with the hike affecting only new orders.

New buyers will have a fair bit to wait before they can get their hands on a pony car – back in September, it was reported that 2,000 orders for the S550 had been registered with Ford Australia, and in October the number of bookings had climbed to 3,000, making for a 10-month wait into September next year.

Now, the latest news is that the order bank for the car is sitting at the 4,000 vehicle mark, with more than 80% of buyers having paid deposits. Based on this, the car is effectively sold through well into 2017. Like in the US, overwhelming early interest has been in the V8 GT models, with 86% of customers favouring it over the EcoBoost, and 88% have opted to go the fastback route.

The news of the price increase won’t be what potential Malaysian buyers will want to hear – originally, the pricing for the 2.3L EcoBoost variant was expected to be in the sub-RM300k range, which was then revised to the RM350-400k mark when the car made its first preview here in March. Then, in June, when bookings for the S550 opened here, indicative pricing spiked to between RM435,000 and RM450,000.

With the ringgit’s rate against the US dollar having sagged even more since then, it remains to be seen if pricing will again be adjusted when the car eventually makes its debut here early next year. Yes, if you do the math, you can buy both a 2.3L EcoBoost and 5.0L GT Down Under for the price of a 2.3L EcoBoost here and still have change left over, but such is the way it rolls.

As for the 5.0L V8, the last indicative price had it placed between the RM550,000 and RM565,000 mark, but that should change should the pricing for the 2.3L be adjusted. Our cars will likely follow the Oz-spec very closely – read what the specs are here. Read our Ford Mustang review, which covers both 2.3L EcoBoost and 5.0L V8 variants.