EMS BMW i8 26

The BMW i8 is already a head turner on its own just by the way it looks. However, for those who feel like the hybrid sports car could still do with some visual upgrades, Energy Motor Sport (EMS) has got you covered with its tuning package for the i8.

The Japanese tuning house has dubbed its creation the BMW i8 Cyber Edition. With a stronger focus on aesthetics, the i8 is wrapped in a matte chrome film and fitted with a complete Evo body kit that consists of a redesigned front bumper and custom front and rear fenders.

EMS has also installed a new rear wing on the Cyber Edition. The standard wheels have also been swapped out for a four 21-inch BBS forged concave wheels fitted with Pirelli P Zero tyres. According to the tuner, the Cyber Edition was meant to create the impression of a spaceship and do a large degree, we think it has succeeded in this regard.

No changes to the hybrid powertrain here, with the 1.5 litre turbocharged inline three-cylinder petrol engine and electric motor still working in tandem to produce a system output of 362 hp. If you need a power bump, you may refer to Gabura Racing Technologies (GRT) for some V8 goodness instead.

So, how much will the EMS BMW i8 Cyber Edition kit cost you? Well that depends on the version you pick. For 1,080,000 yen (RM38,630), you’ll get the standard Evo body kit (A-i8BS). Fork out 1,480,000 yen (RM52,941) and you’ll get the same body kit done up in carbon-fibre, with the addition of a fibre-reinforced polymer rear wing (A-i8BC2).

Top up to 1,580,000 yen (RM56,499), and you’ll get a carbon-fibre-reinforced rear wing to go with the carbon Evo body kit as well (A-i8BC1). What do you think of the BMW i8 Cyber Edition? Do you consider it quite the looker, or does the standard vanilla car’s looks suffice? Check out the BMW i8 in our final episode of the Driven Web Series 2015 here.