Further details of the W213 Mercedes-Benz E-Class have been revealed on 5komma6’s Mercedes-Benz Passion blog. The German site dedicated to the brand’s developments has spied several new key items from the car’s cabin, and has also provided us with a closer look at the new base E-Class variant’s interior.

First up is the W213’s new key fob design. Since the 1998 W220 S-Class, Mercedes-Benz has largely maintained a similar key fob for all its models, with minor updates added in between. As pictured here, it looks like an update has been ordered, with the E-Class seen with a unique key fob as pictured above.

Unlike the previous fob, the new one is a lot slimmer and curvier. It features four buttons, with three traditionally being to lock, unlock and to remotely open the boot lid. The fourth button is the panic button, an alarm trigger which may be unfamiliar to Malaysians. Only the United States has this.

Judging by the engine push start button itself, it doesn’t look like there’s no option for a key hole as well. The button is flush with the dashboard, and doesn’t look like it has a removable cover that would expose a slot for the key.

Mercedes-Benz could be opting for a similar design route adopted by BMW for its key designs. The Bavarian carmaker has largely eliminated conventional “key in and turn” motions in favour of a push-start button-only method. We’ll have to wait and see what future Benz models offer before making any further assumptions.

It also looks to us like that new key fob design will be available right from the base W213 E-Class and up. The photo here also reveals the new base model’s dashboard, which features a smaller 8.4-inch central display screen. Remember, however, that the higher-range variants get dual 12.3-inch screens similar to the W222 S-Class.

Included in our gallery below, the German site also revealed several new central screen displays for the higher-range variants with the dual 12.3 inch screens. Clearly, the graphics see here are an upgrade on what is currently available on the W222 S-Class.

There are also close-ups of the lower-spec E-Class’s instrument panel and dashboard, with its smaller 8.4-inch central screen and seven-inch screen positioned within the analogue instruments.

GALLERY: W213 Mercedes-Benz E-Class interior