In the wake of the ongoing ‘Dieselgate’ scandal, the Volkswagen Group has decided to abandon its goal of becoming the world’s biggest automaker, a title that was recently regained by Toyota back in October.

In an interview with German magazine WirtschaftsWoche, Volkswagen AG CEO Matthias Mueller said, “For me, this obsession with unit sales and the ambition to constantly reach new records makes no sense.”

The ‘Dieselgate’ scandal has affected 11 million Volkswagen Group diesel vehicles worldwide, where “cheat” software lowered the level of nitrogen oxides emitted when it detects test conditions. However, VW is on the path to recovery after German authorities approved its proposed fix recently.

VW jetta TDI US-spec

Even though VW AG has its sights set away from the “No. 1” spot at this moment, Mueller maintains that unit sales remain an important aspect for the automaker. “I’m not going declare sheer size as an end in itself,” Mueller explained.

“It makes no difference to me whether we’re number one, number two or number three in terms of volume of sales. VW still wants to remain a leader in the sector, but our definition will be different,” he added.