Ford Shelby Mustang GT350CR-01

“Continuation car” specialist, Classic Recreations has given a pair of classic Ford Shelby Mustang replicas a new engine. The 1966 GT350CR and 1967 GT500CR are literally replicas as they are newly built according to the blueprints of the original cars. The company is the only licensed and factory-authorised builder of Shelby Mustang continuation cars.

The Oklahoma-based coach builder is offering a twin-turbo 3.5 litre V6 EcoBoost in the said models worldwide, while a 2.0 litre turbocharged four-put EcoBoost engine will be offered in China. The all-aluminium V6 mill is a similar unit that can be found in the Ford Taurus, except that this one produces a total of 365 hp and 570 Nm of torque.

According to CR, the combination of a flat torque curve, light weight and modern suspension “will make this one of the best handling muscle cars ever made.” In addition to that, CR says that the engine can be tuned and fitted with larger turbos to give the pony cars over 600 hp.

As for the 2.0 litre turbocharged EcoBoost, it is derived from the Ford Focus ST. While it may be the same mill, it’s lighter and produces more power as the ECU has been tweaked for premium fuel. This allows for the 2.0 litre engine to produce a total of 300 hp/488 Nm of torque over 250 hp/360 Nm in its original state-of-tune.

The smaller engine option is being offered for the Chinese market as imported vehicles with larger displacement engines are subjected to hefty taxes. Despite the new smaller V6 and 2.0 litre offerings, the company will also offer Coyote and Windsor V8 engines with power ranging from 420 hp to 1,000 hp.

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