The 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulietta might be coming with rear-wheel drive, said Fiat-Chrysler Automobile’s (FCA) head of passenger vehicle design, Alberto Dillilo. Based on a shortened version of the Giulia platform, this will place the five-door Giulietta head-to-head with the BMW 1 Series, the only other RWD compact hatch on the market, according to an Autoexpress UK report.

With the launch of a new Giulia next year, alongside a new SUV, Alfa Romeo looks to be regaining some of its lost glory, and returning to its RWD roots after years of FWD cars. It makes sound financial sense for Alfa Romeo to spread as much commonality across its range as possible, by putting as many body styles on a single platform.

This will allow Alfa Romeo to offer the Giulietta in various guises, from a staid family car right up to a sporty hatch. As to whether the Giulietta would get a sportier AWD hot hatch version, bringing it into a class that includes the Mercedes-AMG A 45, Audi RS3 and Volkswagen Golf R, no information was forth-coming.

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