Honda CB1100R  Concept (2)

Concept motorcycles tend to have strange lives. Some, like the Suzuki GSX1100S, a.k.a the Katana, generate such interest from the public that a production model appears the very next year. Others, like the Honda CB1100R concept, take a little longer.

Publicly shown in October 2007 together with the un-faired CB1100F, the single-seat racing-bodied CB1100R disappeared while its ‘F’ sibling made it into production in 2008. Fast-forward to 2015, and the ‘R’ has reappeared in the form of submissions at the Japanese patent office.

The patent filings deal with air-flow around the spark plugs of the CB1100 engine. Ducted air from the new fairing design is channeled to the plugs and the hottest parts of the engine to take away excess heat. This also helps the engine comply with Euro 4 standards by controlling emissions.

As reported by Motorcyclenews, the concept of the CB1100R is still cooking at Hamamatsu. Honda chief engineer Hirofumi Fukanaga, the man responsible for several generations of the Fireblade, said, “We can’t say no to this bike. It’s not just a simple concept bike – it can’t be. I can’t say when, but the way the European market is going we may well be seeing naked bikes and retro bikes out-selling sportsbikes and the CB1100 has been designed with a long time of development ahead of it.”