Outlander Sport USA-06

Mitsubishi has decided to call off the search for an automaker to buy over its US assembly plant in Normal, Illinois. The Mitsubishi Motors North America (MMNA) manufacturing facility was once the producer of the Outlander Sport (a.k.a. our Mitsubishi ASX), prior to ceasing its operations in the middle of 2015.

Since then, Mitsubishi has been looking for a suitable automotive company to take over the plant and its remaining 250 workers. The workers are all that are left at the MMNA facility, which previously retrenched up to 1,000 staff.

According to Automotive News, a spokesperson from Mitsubishi Motors said that it had “given up looking for an automaker to buy the plant, but we are looking for possible buyers from other industries.”

The spokesperson refused to comment on whether a report by Japan’s Nikkei was accurate in suggesting that Mitsubishi Motors was facing losses of between US$170 million (RM747 million) to US$255 million (RM1.12 billion) for the closure of the MMNA plant.

As it stands, the facility will continue to produce car parts until May 2016. Beyond that, it is believed that the remaining 250 workers may have to look for other jobs. Previously, we’ve reported that Mitsubishi Motors would be concentrating on productions efforts in Japan, Russia and Southeast Asia.