We’ve heard whispers of it in the past, but Tobias Moers, AMG’s chief executive officer, has finally put some concrete evidence behind the Mercedes-AMG GT R’s arrival. Speaking to Car and Driver in an interview at the recent Detroit Auto Show, Moers had lots to say about the coming sports car.

Previous reports may have already suggested that the hotter AMG GT would be known as the “GT R,” and that the track-munching sports car would be revealed before the end of 2016. However, while those reports were based on a “source” within AMG’s walls, here, Moers confirmed the news himself.

“This summer we’ll be bringing out the next performance level of the GT. There will be more power and speed but this sports car won’t be like a Black Series or anything you might expect. While it’s too soon to talk in detail, this version of the GT will have active aerodynamic features for markedly improved performance,” said the AMG boss.

“The attitude we stress with our engineers is that good is never good enough. So we constantly search for ways to improve AMG products. Our cars get better because we never stop working on them,” Moers told the US publication.


“As you might imagine, we thoroughly benchmarked the 911 while developing our car. Now that that the Porsche has been facelifted, we’re anxious to repeat those comparison tests. I’ve heard that we were the reason they invested a little bit more than initially planned in their 911.2 programme,” he candidly added.

In our previous report, we also mentioned that the AMG GT R would feature an industry-first adjustable spool valve active suspension system, beefier brakes, larger wheels and a few design tweaks inside and out. It is also expected to undergo a weight-loss programme to shed up to 100 kg over the current AMG GT S.

For power, the German GT R is said to feature a soupped-up version of the 4.0 litre V8 biturbo engine currently available in the GT and GT S variants. With the current GT S pushing 510 hp and 650 Nm of torque, reports suggest that the GT R could get up to 600 hp.

If further reports prove accurate, the Mercedes-Benz booth at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September this year could be sizzling with excitement, with the AMG GT R, the two versions of the E-Class Estate and much more likely to show up.

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