We bet you’ve watched the Toyota Vios in action, and you’ve even watched the interview with the drifters and directors too, right? But what was the main motivation behind the #ViosPulseOfAction TV ad, you may ask. Well, another interview video with Datuk Ismet Suki, president of UMW Toyota and Akio Takeyama, deputy chair of UMW Toyota, might shed some light.

“Our intention is to communicate to the people of the Vios’ advanced handling abilities and controllability. This is what we are demonstrating in this series of commercials. We want all Malaysians to know the Vios for what it truly is, a young exciting, fun-to-drive car,” explained Takeyama.

“The Vios is a wonderful car to drive and is exciting to look at and I’m sure we have conveyed that excitement well. I have no doubt they will appreciate the value, quality and sheer driving joy of the Vios,” Takeyama said.

Takeyama noted that the biggest challenge was to exhibit the “drivability” and “fun” of the Vios in the most “sensational way” possible. “To execute the drifting sequences, we needed an experienced choreographer and professional drivers. We found the right people in Team Chiba. Even though the Vios is not a rear-wheel drive car, which are preferred for drifting, they pushed the Vios’ capabilities to its limits,” he added.

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