BMW Malaysia’s continued teasing of the all-new G11 BMW 7 Series on its dedicated website has now entered its next stage. Now, visitors can explore the “Innovation” part of the site, which provides a strong indicator as to some of the technologies that will be available in the premium sedan.

First up, the BMW Display Key is featured here, which allows owners to perform a myriad of functions relating to the car, beyond just locking and unlocking the doors. This includes turning on the lights, opening and closing the windows, and scheduling the climate control system, among others. The touchscreen key fob also features a Remote Control Parking feature, although it is uncertain if Malaysian models will receive it.

Next, BMW’s Laserlight technology looks set to make its debut in Malaysia on the 7 Series. The lighting technology is said to have a high-beam range that is double that of headlights containing conventional technology, and is available with the optional Selective Beam functionality. The laser headlights could be fitted on higher-spec variants of the 7 Series, with LED units possibly reserved for the lower-spec versions.

The next technology highlight, BMW’s Carbon Core construction, is a standard affair on the new 7 Series. It utilises a combination of carbon-fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP), magnesium, aluminium and steel in the car’s construction resulting in weight savings of up to 130 kg compared to its predecessor.

The 7 Series’ Executive Drive Pro suspension control system is also mentioned here, which according to BMW, combines driving comfort and dynamic ride characteristics. It works by analysing the inputs from the navigation, driving style and camera to regulate the car’s suspension to ensure a cushy ride. The system includes active anti-roll bars to allow for flatter cornering while ensuring straight line comfort. Again, this is an option on some variants of the new 7 Series, and may not be offered across the range.

For the driver, he/she will have access to the new iDrive 5.0 infotainment system that can be controlled via a touchscreen, or via hand gestures. Meanwhile, passengers will get to enjoy a large panoramic two-pane glass sunroof dubbed the “Sky Lounge,” as well as BMW’s Touch Command, a 7.0-inch tablet.

The tablet, which is integrated into the centre armrest at the rear of the 7 Series, is connected to the iDrive system and can be used to control among other things, the sunroof, air-con and entertainment functions.

That’s just some of the technologies that looks set to be offered on the Malaysian-spec G11 BMW 7 Series when it makes its launch debut, according to BMW Malaysia’s dedicated teaser website. What other features would you be looking forward to on the upcoming premium sedan?

GALLERY: G11 BMW 7 Series spotted in Malaysia

GALLERY: G11 BMW 7-Series