The Power Of Perodua Axia by Ultra Racing

The Power Of Perodua Axia by Ultra RacingThis is a commercial ads for Ultra Racing, the whole video shooting was done by professional driver within safe compound, please do not attempt to try this on public road.

Posted by Ultra Racing News / Events on Sunday, 24 January 2016

Ultra Racing, Malaysia’s home-grown manufacturer in chassis handling components, has recently released this video on its official Facebook page. The video, titled “The Power of Perodua Axia by Ultra Racing,” is aimed at promoting its complete “vehicle safety bar” package for the Perodua Axia, where you get to see the compact car being driven quite vigorously.

The video starts out with a young man being reminded by his mother to come back for dinner. With a quick glance at his wristwatch, the man gets into his Axia and makes the quick dash to get to dinner on time, presumably.

What comes next is a series of drifts, reverse flicks and handbrake turns (with a glimpse of the professional driver’s footwork) to exhibit Ultra Racing’s products in action. In the end, our protagonist successfully makes it to dinner with his mother, followed by the message, “no matter how busy you are, think about your love one,” followed by product close-ups and a safety disclaimer.

Now, we’re not sure if you should be driving in such a manner regardless of situation. As our authorities have always mentioned, “biar lambat tapi selamat.” We’re guessing the video is meant to illustrate extreme situations where Ultra Racing products can be beneficial to the driver to help him maintain control of the vehicle. What do you think?

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