ford dsfl taylors 3

The Ford Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) programme kicked off its 2016 season by hosting two higher education institutions, the German Malaysian Institute and Taylor’s University, last month.

The free-of-charge DSFL workshops held in January were specially tailored to address challenges faced by young drivers, such as inexperience in dealing with unexpected situations, distracted driving, and the importance of ensuring child seats are securely fastened. Essentially, the programme encourages safe driving by equipping participants to make the correct decisions when behind the wheel.

“Driving Skills for Life is a hands-on training programme designed to help drivers develop essential skills to stay safe on the road, which is especially important for newly licensed drivers like university students,” said David Westerman, MD of Asia Pacific Emerging Markets at Ford Motor Company.

The DSFL sessions incorporates classroom training, with participants learning about a range of topics from steering control, understeer/oversteer to tips for highway driving and driving in the rain, as well as a hands-on driving session to apply the learnings.

Participants also learn about the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol by wearing specially-designed gear that helps simulate the experience of driving while movement, coordination and alertness are impaired.

“The programme gave me a lot more confidence to be on the road, which is important because driving is my main mode of transport. I was recently involved in a car accident, so learning about the important aspects of safe driving, like how to apply ABS braking when caught in an emergency situation, was really helpful,” said Ernest Choong, a student at Taylor’s Lakeside Campus.

Wan Nabil Hadi Wan Zainuddin, a participant from the German Malaysian Institute echoed the praise for the programme. “I have always wanted to improve my driving skills so I can be a safer driver, and Ford DSFL did this by reminding me how important it is to use the correct steering method to ensure you are really in control of your vehicle,” he explained.

The DSFL programme began its run in Malaysia in 2011, with the second edition being held in 2014. The third season of the programme took place last year.