Super Bowl season is here, meaning it’s time for automakers to play their most impactful advertisements to a crowd of more than 100 million viewers, and MINI has just such an ad with its #DefyLabels 30-second spot.

Featuring a star-studded list of celebrities including Serena Williams, football player Abby Wambach, T-Pain, Randy Johnson, Tony Hawk and Harvey Keitel, the ad aims to inspire people to discard the labels society has placed upon them, and instead define themselves instead.

In the spot, the celebrites utter the many labels associated with the brand over the years – cute, small, chick car, gay car, short man’s car and etc. By the end of the ad, actor Harvey Keitel lays down the bottom line – this car [MINI] doesn’t care what you call it.

“This powerful concept leverages the brand’s new sophisticated positioning, with a little bit of the MINI attitude that’s always been there,” said John Butler, chief creative officer, BSSP, the ad’s creator. “It goes beyond a typical celebrity endorsement. This creative is all about not letting others define you, or for that matter, what you choose to drive. It’s about never giving others that power over you,” he added.

Inspiring? The campaign also includes a series of long-form interviews with the ensemble cast, where they share their own perspectives about the label, which you can view on the campaign’s microsite. Maybe it’s high time that we ditch the labeling game, and just let others be themselves, don’t you think?