Here's what NOT to do when you're at a fuel station…

Posted by Paul Tan's Automotive News on Thursday, February 4, 2016

Refuelling is something that most of us do every week or so, sometimes more. Thing is, though, not everyone is aware of what you can and cannot do at fuel stations. To address this issue, do watch this short public service announcement, brought to you by Petronas Primax, featuring Driven Web Series hosts.

The most common mistake is leaving your engine running while refuelling. Fuel is obviously flammable. In fact, it’s not just the fuel itself; even the fumes are flammable. The last thing you want is to ignite it. An engine that’s left running presents potential sources of fuel igniters, be it the hot exhaust system or even sparks from the electronics. There’s a reason why some vehicles require the key to access the fuel filler cap.

Next up, using your mobile phones or, God forbid, smoking while at the pumps. Burning something within the vicinity of the station can be absolutely catastrophic. As for mobile phones, vape or any other electronic devices, it’s about preventing risks. There’s a chance, no matter how small, that they may cause an electrical spark. The odds are tiny, but there’s no point in taking that risk. It’s best to avoid such a risk altogether.

Petronas Coffee Break 1

Bikers, it’s a must to get off your motorcycle before refuelling. Bike fuel tanks are much smaller than those in cars, and they usually have very short filler necks or none at all. When you’re filling up to a full tank, there’s a bigger chance of fuel spilling out. And when that happens, where will the fuel go? Right down to the hot engine, where it might catch on fire. It that happens, the last place you want to be is there sitting on the bike.

In short, safety should not be taken lightly, be it out on the roads, or at fuel stations. On that note, Petronas has launched its Chinese New Year Coffee Break campaign for 2016, serving 880,000 cups of free coffee at 142 Petronas stations on the weekends of February 6 to 7 and February 13 to 14.

Happy Chinese New Year and remember, stay safe on the roads, and continue your journey with Petronas Primax.