A couple of names have been trademarked by Jaguar Land Rover, which confirms that a new range of electric vehicles is in the works, Autocar UK reports. The name ‘I-Pace’ was trademarked in December 2015, while the ‘I-Type’ moniker was trademarked in January this year.

The I-Pace could likely be the name of the Jaguar’s electric SUV. Said vehicle will be the first all-electric model in the line-up, either an offshoot of the F-Pace, or a standalone vehicle, that will be unveiled and available in the market by 2017. While details of the model remains scarce, it’s said the vehicle will be styled closely to the C-X75 and will perhaps come with a 482 km (300 mile) range.

Furthermore, sources indicate that the SUV will sport electric motors at all four wheels. A reveal at the Paris motor show is also said to be a likely case. It is expected to go against the Tesla Model X, Audi Q6 e-tron and an all-electric Volvo XC90 – currently in the pipeline and due in 2019.

As for the I-Type, the model could possibly be an all-electric version of the F-Type. However, it could also reportedly be used for the Jaguar XE and XJ sedans – in all-electric forms. A third name was also trademarked earlier this month – ‘Velar,’ tied to the Land Rover brand, could be used on a Range Rover, as it was originally seen on prototypes in 1969.

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