A custom motorcycle is many things to many people, with some bikes undergoing just a little touch of personalisation to make it the owner’s own, while others become almost unrideable works of engineering art. Ducati’s Scrambler is one of those bikes which just begs for the owner to stamp his or her personality on the machine.

These five Scrambler Ducatis were entered in a contest for the best Scrambler custom in the world, with one submission each from each continent. Work started on the Scramblers in September of last year, and public voting was done on the Scrambler Ducati Instagram page @CustomRumble.

Starting with a base Scrambler, each of these custom shops proceeded to modify and customise the bike to their vision of what the ultimate Scrambler Custom should look like. Looks range from the ice-racer style of the “Ice Track Pro” by Bow Cycle North of Canada, to blue-tanked flat-tracker “Scramblarabia” built by Wheels of Arabia from Bahrain.

Warsaw Liberty Motors of Poland submitted “Iron Lungs”, with an image reminiscent of a World War II fighter aircraft and exposed air filters tucked just under the steering head. Thailand’s entry into the contest is the “Scrambobber”, put together by Ducati Vibhavadi, with a dark black, performance-oriented look.

Australia weighs-in with the “Scramblegale” by Canberra Motorcycle Center, a Doctor Frankenstein mash-up of the Scrambler with a Panigale. The bike from Down Under has a Panigale’s tail grafted on the rear sub-frame, and various Panigale bodywork bits attached to the frame and sides. Now, if someone manages to shove the Panigale’s 1299 Superquadro engine in there, things might get exciting.

The Ducati Scrambler is sold in Malaysia by Naza. There are four models available – the Icon at RM63,999, the Full Throttle, the Urban Enduro and the Classic, all at RM69,999.

GALLERY: Ducati Scrambler Icon

GALLERY: Ducati Scrambler Urban Enduro

GALLERY: Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle

GALLERY: Ducati Scrambler Classic