Ducati Scrambler Icon 16

The Ducati Scrambler, much-anticipated by motorcycle fans, has arrived in Malaysia. It was officially launched by Next Bike a.k.a. Ducati Malaysia at Welly Sungai Buloh this afternoon.

Revealed globally in July last year, the retro-styled Scrambler is described as a contemporary interpretation of the original 1970s icon. Its design is “intended to be just how the legendary Bologna-built motorcycle would be today if Ducati had not stopped building it.” Throwback cues include the teardrop-shaped fuel tank (‘Born in 1962’ inscription on the filler cap) and round headlamp.

The original Ducati Scrambler was a 250 cc single-cylinder bike, but today’s version is powered by an 803 cc L-twin engine with 75 hp. Other modern items include two-channel ABS braking, LED guide light (a ring around the headlamp) and a USB charging port under the seat.

From L-R: Scrambler Classic, Scrambler Full Throttle

The Scrambler is available in four distinct flavours – Icon, Urban Enduro, Full Throttle and Classic, each with its unique emblem on the fuel tank.

Icon (main pic) is the ‘default’ look with a wide handle bar, glass headlamp lens, Dual Sport wheels, interchangeable aluminium side panels for the fuel tank, plus aluminium finish for the belt covers, heat guard and LCD instrument panel surround. Choose from two colours: ’62 Yellow as seen here or Ducati Red.

The tough looking bike in Wild Green is the Urban Enduro. Its brown seat has a ribbed design and is lined with ‘technical’ fabric. Fork protectors, engine sump guard and headlight grille protect key parts off-road, while a cross bar stiffens the handlebar. The high mudguard and spoke wheels add to the adventure look.

From L-R: Scrambler Full Throttle, Scrambler Urban Enduro

On the opposite end of the scale is the Full Throttle, the most overtly sporty of the four. The Deep Black bike is inspired by the flat track world and makes clear references to the bikes that race around dirt ovals. The ‘racer’ gets a Termignoni racing exhaust (homologated for road use), a seat designed for racing and black side panels. The low tapered handlebar and short mudguard are other unique cues.

Lastly, the Classic in Orange Sunshine for the full 1970s look. Like the Enduro, it comes with spoke wheels but adds on details such as aluminium front and rear mudguards and a brown seat with quilted diamond-shaped inserts.

The Thai-assembled Scrambler starts from RM60,352 for the Icon, while the Urban Enduro, Full Throttle and Classic retail for RM68,112 on-the-road. With a downpayment of RM12,072 and an interest rate of 4.75%, the Scrambler Icon is yours for RM766 per month for seven years. I sometimes envy the choices and prices our biker friends enjoy – what car can RM60k buy you?

Ducati Scrambler Icon

Ducati Scrambler Urban Enduro

Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle

Ducati Scrambler Classic