Proton upgrades customer service 13

In the future, Proton will be taking the initiative to notify its customers directly for all service fixes (recalls). The national carmaker’s CEO, Datuk Abdul Harith Abdullah made the statement during the media preview of the new 2016 Proton Perdana.

Harith explained, “previously, we’ve done our service fix initiatives quietly. We would wait for customers to come for a service appointment, and then carry out the fixes. But if the customers do not come in (to authorised Proton service centres), then the problems will come.”

“Now, we will actively call and reach out to the customers through email, SMS, Whatsapp. That will all be done. It’s all about honesty here,” he said.

Proton’s recently conducted service fix initiatives include models like the Inspira, Suprima S, Preve and Saga, where components like the car’s V-belt, wiring harness and radiator fan motor relay were required to be replaced.

The process of intensifying service fix initiatives has already begun for Proton – starting with vehicles that carry its CFE engines, where a recall has been made for an issue relating to the engine’s oil cooler hose.