One of the most pressed-upon topics involving Proton is its participation in various export markets. The public has long complained, why are Proton cars sold in foreign markets so cheap? Well, Proton chairman, Tun Dr Mahathir spoke to us to better explain why the conundrum exists.

The emphasis here is on achieving volume, according to Tun Mahathir. Ensuring that a company maximises its production capacity is an integral part of staying in the vehicle manufacturing business. In our interview with the Proton chairman, he provides us with an effective example that best explains the “gains outweighing costs” idea.

It is because of this need to ensure that Proton hits its production volume target that it may appear that the national carmaker is losing money in the export market, but the truth is, it isn’t always that clear cut. For a more defined view on the matter, check out our video interview with Tun Mahathir.