The tenth-generation Honda Civic may be hiding the true potential of its 1.5 litre turbocharged engine, according to the team over at Hondata. What they’ve done is take a standard North American 2016 Honda Civic EX, and hooked it up to a set of dynapacks to get a better read on the Civic’s engine output.

In the brochure, the 1.5 litre turbo mill is said to dish out 174 hp and 220 Nm, nearly the same as that of the Thai-spec Civic. However, after some data gathering, it is revealed that the engine actually has 177 hp and 258 Nm on tap, which is 3 hp and 38 Nm more than listed. Shocking!

Although these figures may come as a surprise, there are certain factors that may have contributed to them. For starters, Honda’s numbers were obtained from an engine dyno (no transmission attached). Here, the Civic was tested with a CVT transmission, making it more difficult to obtain accurate output numbers. The torque converter paired to the CVT, could have contributed to higher (indicated) torque figures as well.

While numbers are fun to look at, Hondata decided to illustrate the gains of a turbocharged engine with a drag race between the Honda Civic EX, and the 2015 Honda Civic Si. Even though the 2015 Civic Si 2.4 has more power (205 hp), but the torque generated by the all-new model allows it to have the leg up over its predecessor (even with Eco mode switched on).

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