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Patent drawings of a new Honda hatchback concept have been leaked online. Uncovered by Autoblog Netherlands, it is also claimed that these designs are of a China market-only model. If so, we are likely looking at a production version of the Honda Concept B that was shown at the 2014 Beijing International Motor Show.

The overall shape of the car clearly resembles a 10th-gen Honda Civic, but its front end design is seemingly inspired more so by the Honda CR-Z. The headlamps are sharply designed, and together with the low front grille positioning and sporty air intakes on the bumper, is very reminiscent of the CR-Z’s look.

The side profile and the rear of the car here appears much more similar to the new Honda Civic with familiar boomerang tail lights and rear bumper. Without quoting a source for its claims, the Dutch website also says that the model here will “probably be technically closely related to the Honda Civic,” as well.

2016-honda-hatchback-concept-patent-china- 003

What that could mean is that a production version of this model is likely to be underpinned by the Civic’s platform, and that similar engine options will be available.

Could this actually be the production version of the Honda Concept B, a Civic for the Chinese market? If that’s actually the case, which look do you prefer? Tell us in the comments below.

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