honda concept b beijing

This is the Honda Concept B, one of the two world premieres the Japanese automaker has on call at the 2014 Beijing International Auto Show, which began today.

The company hasn’t divulged much about the design study, except to say it previews a five-door model developed exclusively for the Chinese market. No tech or powertrain specs, but aside from the expected petrol form, reports indicate that a hybrid variant is also being planned.

honda concept b beijing 3

Honda says the Concept B’s design (which is ‘advanced’ and ‘cool-looking’, so it goes) has been geared to appeal to younger drivers in China, but adds that it will also be a very practical offering.

The development of a mass-production model based on the concept model – which is curiously tagged as a ‘compact hatchback’ – is in progress, and the company says it plans to introduce the car into the market in two years. The final product should of course be more subdued, looks-wise.

Live pix by Kwek Chai Li