No, the price of petrol did not go up on midnight (hello February 29!) and this is not the new Perodua Alza, as shared on social media. The above Facebook posting is likely where it started, with an unfastened black dress on the floor and a row of covered cars in the background adding to the “leaked” look.

The car in question is actually the Perodua Alza Infinite Concept that was displayed at the Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show (KLIMS) 2010, alongside the Perodua Bezza concept.

The ‘Infinite’ in the name could have been hinting at infinite possibilities, as the humble family MPV receives a wide body look with large wheels and lowered suspension. The front grille and vents are highlighted with an orange border, and the bright hue is also found on the rims and rear diffuser. At the back, a distinctive wide-spaced ‘Perodua’ script sits above the license plate.

Inside, Perodua swapped out the three rows of seats for four individual bucket seats, with the rear occupants divided by speakers and a tablet. The dashboard and steering/gear knob are covered in Alcantara-style material. There’s a push start button on the right spoke of the steering wheel.

So, this is not the new Perodua Alza, but could a new one be on the way? The Alza was launched back in November 2009, and the current facelifted model has been in the market since January 2014.

GALLERY: Perodua Alza S