2016-bermaz-asean-skills-competition- 006

Bermaz Motor has announced that it will be sponsoring a total of six Mazda 3 vehicles in support of the coming ASEAN Skills Competition 2016 . The event, which fosters the development of various skills ranging from automobile technology to web page design among youth, takes place in Kuala Lumpur from September 19 to 29 this year.

The official distributors of Mazda vehicles in Malaysia will provide four, second-gen, Mazda 3 vehicles to the event’s organisers (pictured above) which will be used as promotional vehicles to create awareness across the nation for the upcoming competition.

For use in the ASEAN Skills Competition itself, Bermaz will supply the event’s organisers with two, latest-gen Mazda 3 SkyActiv models. These vehicles will be used to assess the skills and aptitude of the finalists in the Automobile Technology sector.

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The nine finalists represent Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. They will be assessed in five different skill areas — engine management systems, gearbox, chassis (steering, suspension and brakes), engine overhauling and body electrical systems. The finalists will be assessed over three days, with a total of three hours allocated for each skill area.

“Industries today have to look towards such developing programmes, not only to meet their own needs, but the needs of their industries — and in particular, to develop their human capital,” said Datuk Ben Yeoh, CEO of Bermaz.

“We have industrial objectives, but in order to meet them, we need strong and skilled human capital. I hope that the government will continue to emphasise the importance of this,” he added, as he spoke of the importance of programmes such as the ASEAN Skills Competition 2016.