2016 Samsung Smart Windscreen - 4

Motorcycling is pretty much a solitary activity, with the rider ensconced inside his or her helmet while riding. But in today’s wired, wireless and inter-connected world, anyone with a smartphone is almost instantly reachable, anytime, anywhere. Samsung has showcased a motorcycle windscreen that allows riders to receive information from their smartphones without having to stop and fish out their phone.

A see-through display is mounted on the bike, and information displayed on the windscreen. As reported in autoevolution, the technology used is not new, and builds on and integrates existing tech. The intention of the Samsung Smart Windshield is to allow the rider to obtain information such as GPS directions, and respond to calls and messages, without having to take his hands off the handlebars.

By using buttons mounted on the bars, a rider can choose pre-determined responses such as “I’m riding” or “Call you back later”, without being distracted or diverting their attention from the road. No word on whether Samsung will be putting this technology showpiece into production, but it is an intriguing glimpse into the future of the way riders will be communicating with their machines.

Other manufacturers are also looking into see-through displays for motorcyclists, such as BMW Motorrad’s Connected Ride HUD helmet. What do you think? A good idea for riders, or a technological dead-end? Leave a comment with your thoughts and opinions below.