After showing it at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on January 6, BMW Motorrad has released a video showcasing the Connected Ride HUD (Heads-up display) helmet in action. We have no way to determine if this is an actual video or a very good simulation, but the information displayed on the helmet internal pop-up screen would certainly be helpful in some situations.

BMW has always been at the fore-front of integrating technology into its vehicles in order to improve safety and easing the driver’s or rider’s workload. While a HUD is good for keeping the rider’s eyes on the road, we wonder if having a multi-coloured display right in front of your eyes might not be a touch distracting.

The HUD helmet is currently in prototype stage, but BMW has said it has plans to put the helmet into production. Obviously it will only connect to BMW Motorrad machines, but the possibilities in terms of improved rider awareness and road safety are intriguing.