While certain parties are looking to find a middle ground with Mat Rempits with legalised street racing circuits, Kuala Lumpur Traffic police are looking to put a stop to their activities entirely, according to a report by The Sun.

Kuala Lumpur traffic police chief ACP Mohd Nadzri Hussain said steps will be taken in stages to remove the illegal activity from the streets. This includes setting up a surveillance team known as ‘Unit 42’ to safeguard the public while they’re on the road.

The team, comprising of 20 experts, is a special traffic police unit formed to counter thugs-on-wheels. These officers will be in plainclothes while patrolling the streets and will go undercover to gather information.

Mat Rempits are not something new. Before this, their activities were just illegal, but now they are involved with crime like smashing car windows,” said Mohd Nadzri, who added that Unit 42 will ensure that those who break the law (Section 42 of the Road Transport Act 1987) with their reckless and dangerous driving, will be punished.


According to Mohd Nadzri, the Mat Rempits originate from districts such as Kajang, Serdang and many more. During public holidays and weekends, these groups gather to carry out their activities to uphold the “pride of their districts.” “We know where they congregate and we will target those areas,” he said.

To clear the air, the Kuala Lumpur traffic police said Mat Rempits referred to those who are involved in reckless and dangerous riding but bikers who commit crime are not necessarily all Mat Rempits. However, he did not dismiss that Mat Rempits are opportunists and when they are gathered together, they might commit snatch-thefts.

Figures revealed that in 2015, 222 motorcyclist were detained in the city under Section 42 of the RTA 1987 for reckless and dangerous driving. Meanwhile, 223 motorcyclists were detained in 2014, and 220 motorcyclists in 2013.

The KL Traffic police issued 21,719 traffic summonses to motorcyclists in 351 operations last year. “If you realise, the 222 motorcyclists detained last year is a whopping 97.8% of motorcyclists who were caught for reckless riding,” added Mohd Nadzi.