In light of the ongoing taxi vs ride-sharing saga, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has said that the Government will be looking to solve the problem between the two groups. The “war” recently resulted in taxi drivers holding a protest along Jalan Bukit Bintang, causing heavy congestion in the area on Tuesday.

Najib said the interests of both users and taxi service providers would be considered when coming up with the solution, which will be announced “in the near future,” after the Government studies various proposals.

In a posting on his blog, the prime minister said, “I understand and I am concerned about the problems and grievances faced by cabbies that is caused by the services of Uber and GrabCar drivers in Malaysia which is seen as affecting their income.”

He added that the issue was not limited to just Malaysia but elsewhere in the world. Several countries around the world, like France and Indonesia, are still grappling with the issue relating to these ride-sharing apps. Some have even gone as far as banning the services entirely.

Taxi drivers protest jalan bukit bintang 4

Najib said the Government will have to consider various factors before coming up with a solution. This includes the element of innovation, competition and many others. “In this era of sophistication and innovation, we have to keep pace with technological developments,” he added.

Furthermore, he welcomed the competition between taxi drivers and app-based ride-sharing services, indicating that it be used as a stepping stone towards improving their services to the public instead of a hindrance.

“I hope that no one would follow their emotions and take drastic measures such as starting street protests that will only exacerbate the situation and damage their image. And it would not bring any benefit, especially for the users of taxi services,” said Najib.