Introducing SYNC MoodTech

Introducing Ford’s #SYNCMoodTech, an innovative new wearable technology to connect you and your vehicle like never before, developed right here in Australia.

Posted by Ford Australia on Thursday, 31 March 2016

A wearable wristband called the SYNC MoodTech has been introduced by Ford’s Future Technologies Team in Australia. Apart from being able to connect to any SYNC equipped vehicle, a key feature is that it’ll detect a driver’s vitals, including his or her mood.

Once worn, it detects Mood-Ions in the wearer’s pulse, body temperature and even goosebumps. This will allow the vehicle to detect a driver’s mood changes even before the driver notices. Upon identifying what the driver feels, the system will alter the responsiveness of the accelerator and brake to ensure that the driver returns to the optimum mood – At Ease.

Apart from the optimum mood (At Ease), there’s a few other primary moods that the system can detect in a driver. These include: confused, agitated, vanity, karaoke, hungry and heartbreak. All of these moods are detected via pulse, temperature and goosebumps as mentioned.

To elaborate, when the wristband senses a heartbreak, it will automatically search the SYNC connected smartphone for upbeat music with a BPM of 110 and higher. In addition, the vehicle will then text the driver’s friend asking for something. This, to ensure that the driver returns to the optimum mood.

Ford SYNC MoodTech-01

When it senses that the driver is hungry, the vehicle will start up the navigation system and display all eateries and drive-throughs nearby. The team stated that in certain vehicles, a oven can be fitted in the glovebox and with Ford’s “food on the move” menu, delectable ready-baked items such as pies to meatloaf available for the driver’s selection.

If it senses that the driver wants to sing (karaoke), Reverse Active Noise Cancellation Technology will automatically engage, to ensure that the vehicle is sealed and that no noise will seep through the gaps. Moreover, SYNC MoodTech will record the singing as well, and at the same time, the vehicle will stop at the side of a road and mood lighting will be activated to provide a disco/ nightclub environment.

The video, released today, April 1, states that SYNC MoodTech will be coming sometime in 2017. How so you feel about this, then?