Sound tests are one of many that the 350 PS 2.3 litre EcoBoost four-pot engine beneath the Ford Focus RS has gone through, it seems. In a new video, Ford is introducing its trained team of “engine listeners.”

“This team knows what a perfectly calibrated engine sounds like and they know the tiny sounds to listen for in case there is a problem,” said Gunnar Herrmann, vice president of quality at Ford Europe. “Think of it like a doctor who has the most advanced diagnostic technology but still uses a stethoscope to gather vital clues to a patient’s health,” he added.

Juan Carlos, quality technician and production line engine tester at Ford’s Valencia plant, is one of those “listeners.” In a room specially dedicated to the process, Carlos explained “there the operator can feel, listen to the engine. He can feel and evaluate if that engine in particular can pass our test and is an engine that goes to our customer with the quality level that customers deserve.”

“The engine is impressive, it makes an impressive sound during the test. It seems like the engine wants to break free because of the power,” Carlos explained on the sort of sound that he expects during each and every single test. He also noted that the listening process is an important one to guarantee that each engine works perfectly, and that the goal is achieved.

As mentioned, the 2.3 litre EcoBoost mill produces 350 PS (same unit under the S550 Mustang), while torque is rated at 440 Nm. With the overboost function, torque rises to 470 Nm for 15 seconds. Meanwhile, the Focus RS does 0-100 km/h in 4.7 seconds.

The Focus RS features four driving modes – Normal, Sport, Track and an interesting Drift mode. The latter can be explained by stunt driver and former Stig, Ben Collins, in the video below.

GALLERY: Ford Focus RS at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show