While ride-sharing services such as Uber and Grab are not yet available in Melaka, the state’s transport, project rehabilitation and internal trade committee chairman, Datuk Lim Ban Hong, has called for fair and legal regulation of the services.

“Melaka is still waiting for the federal government’s decision on this matter. So far, we have not received any application to implement the systems (Uber and Grab) here, but we will consider it once the central government makes their decision,” he told Bernama.

The chairman suggested that Uber, Grab and regular taxi services need to be able to compete fairly and on the same platform to offer passengers the best service. He added that Uber and Grab’s services should be studied in better detail to avoid problems among relevant stakeholders. Just recently, the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) revealed that a new mobile app, similar to that of Uber and Grab’s, would be launched later this year for traditional taxis.

Lim explained that the Melaka government is also working on a case to ensure that all forms of hired cars use a meter when ferrying paying passengers. He said that SPAD has since received 51 complaints from passengers who felt they were cheated by hired cars without meters, having to paying excessively high rates.

“We have held several discussions with various parties including Melaka SPAD, private car hire and taxi associations in the state and are now in the final stages of realising this initiative,” Lim confirmed. “There are over 1,000 private (hire) car operators in the state and so far we have received encouraging response to the proposed use of the meter from the private hire vehicle and taxi associations.”