The 2017 Ford Fusion (better known to us as the Ford Mondeo), will come with an additional Stop and Go function for the adaptive cruise control system. In a new video released by Ford, the tech has been detailed and is said to alleviate a driver’s stress in traffic congestions. Ford noted that Stop and Go will be added to three new Ford models within the next two years.

Similar to other versions that we’ve seen on other brands, Ford’s own Stop and Go tech utilises sensors located in the front of the windscreen. When the driver engages the adaptive cruise control via a button on the steering, sets the desired speed, the tech will then spring into action.

With the semi-autonomous tech, the vehicle can automatically adjust the set speed and also bring the car to a full stop. Should the car remain stationary for over three seconds, the driver can tap the resume button or accelerator pedal to have the car move along again at its preset speed. This is to ensure that the driver’s attention is on the road in the event of a long pause, according to Ford.

2017 Ford Fusion Platinum

”When testing this system, we traveled to cities like Chicago and Los Angeles, heading straight for the worst possible congestion. It was important for us to test this system under conditions the average driver encounters every workday,” said Scott Lindstrom, Ford driver-assist technologies manager.

Apart from adaptive cruise control with Stop and Go, the facelifted Ford Fusion will come with Pre-Collision Assist with pedestrian detection and 20 other drive-assist technologies, all of which will also be available across the range, including the Fusion Hybrid and Fusion Energi.