Chinese startup LeEco (known previously as LeTV) is showcasing the LeSEE, a four-door electric sedan in Beijing. The all-electric car was developed completely in-house by LeEco, which also has a strategic partnership with Faraday Future.

Design-wise, the LeSEE looks somewhat fresh with its sloping roofline. At the front, the sedan does not have a front grille, however it does have a light strip which likely serves as headlights. The design is mirrored for the rear tailamps, while a diffuser can be seen as well.

In place of conventional side mirrors, the LeSEE uses cameras instead. Up top, the entire roof looks to be moulded from glass to have it appear like a single piece that connects to the front and rear windshield. While no details have been provided, sitting at the centre of the roof appears to be a sensor of some sort.

Inside, the LeSEE sports an unconventional steering wheel that can be folded down when self-driving mode has been activated (autonomous tech is still in the works). Meanwhile, LeEco stated that it has a digitalised dashboard or a “smart screen,” that shows all necessary information relating to the status of the vehicle.

The front seats have a set of screens mounted in the back of the headrest, while another screen can be seen at the rear centre console. Of more interest would be the back seats, which appear to be layers of unknown material. The company explained that the car allows for an “isolated area for each passenger.”

Electrek reports that the car has a theoretical top speed of 209 km/h, however no details were disclosed about the vehicle’s electric powertrain and the travel range that it’s capable of. “This is a big dream that we all share. We are not simply building an electric vehicle that is smart, instead, we want to invent a new mobility for the future,” the startup said.