Faraday Future SUV teaser

While the world is busy applauding (and ordering) Tesla’s latest Model 3, up and coming company Faraday Future (FF) is making sure its presence is felt at the recently-concluded FIA Formula E Long Beach ePrix, where it is the title sponsor. Aside from the FFZERO1 Concept, the company also reintroduced a teaser for an upcoming SUV-like vehicle.

The teaser (released on Twitter in January), show us the silhouette of a crossover SUV with a rakish roof. On first impressions, it certainly looks like a sleeker version of the Tesla Model X, with more shapely tail lamps. The vehicle rides atop the FF-developed Variable Platform Architecture (VPA).

Faraday Future’s VPA was first presented with the FFZERO1 Concept, which resembles a race car of the future. However, as Tesla has demonstrated, an affordable, mass-market electric car is a very enticing product for buyers. Which is why the VPA’s potential is limitless thanks in part to its modular trait.

Capable of adopting different battery structure arrangements (FF calls them ‘strings’), the platform can feature different multiple wheelbases. While the front and rear sections remain the same, the VPA’s crash sections can be modified to suit a vehicle’s needs.

Additionally, the VPA can accommodate various electric motor setups, ranging from one to four motor layouts. The FFZERO1 illustrates the most extreme configuration, packing four quad core motors (AWD) that provide over 1,000 hp.

The SUV teased here is only one of the many potential models that Faraday Future can produce. The flexibility of the VPA allows for a diverse range of vehicles ranging from compact hatchbacks, sedans, coupes, sports cars and many more.

Faraday Future’s partnership with Aston Martin (through a Memorandum of Understanding with LeEco) to develop the RapidE electric vehicle can also be beneficial in its pursuit to produce its own electric vehicles to take on those from Tesla.

GALLERY: Faraday Future FFZERO1 Concept