Here is an exclusive look at the changes being made to the Sepang International circuit – notably turns two, five and 15. Having been closed for track renovations since February 15, interest from the motorsports crowd to find out what is new for Sepang in 2016 has been high.

Our own Adian Yein,’s resident race car driver, was on hand to document the new look in those specific turns. What is apparent from these three pictures is that the corner radius appears to be the same from ground level, but there has been changes in camber.

Turn Two now shows a rather smoother transition from the top of the entry to the apex, with the ‘drop’ now missing from the turn. This would mean that screwing up the set-up and entry into Turn One will no longer have the serious repercussions it used to have, when misjudging the apex for Turn Two would have racers, notably racebike riders, having to take the drop, and hope their suspension settings were spot-on for the day.

Perhaps in an effort to encourage more overtaking in Turn Five, the wide, sweeping left turn has had the incline smoothed out somewhat. This means a more even transition coming in from Turn Four, and a quick driver can take advantage of the shallower drop.



A big change has taken place at the final Turn 15, the hairpin right in front of the grandstands. The camber on the turn has been raised by a large amount, making 15 now a very off-camber left turn. This is going to call for some very committed driving and riding from the racers. A mistake with the apex here is going to cause the racer to run very wide onto the final straight.

The entire 5.543 km SIC circuit is being resurfaced, with repairs led by Jarno Zafelli, circuit designer head of Italian design firm, Dromo. It is said that the upgrading works will improve drivability and overtaking at most of the circuit’s corners.

So, there you have it, some of the changes made at the Sepang International circuit, which is on schedule to re-open on May 8, with the first major race – the FIM World Superbike Championship – taking place on May 13 to 15. Formula 1 returns to Sepang on September 30 to October 2, and Moto GP will be held on October 28 to 30.