Langversion der neuen E-Klasse LimousineLong-wheelbase version of the new E-Class Saloon

Mercedes-Benz has introduced a new long-wheelbase (LWB) version of the E-Class. To be sold exclusively in China, the V213 E-Class L will also be built in the People’s Republic, at the Beijing Benz Automotive Company (BBAC) production facility – a joint-venture between Daimler and its local partner BAIC.

Essentially, this version of the E-Class features a wheelbase that is 140 mm longer than the standard model. Its total length is now 5,063 mm, compared to the regular version’s 4,923 mm. Also, aside from the additional luxury items added to the V213, the rest of the car remains identical to the regular W213 sedan.

Outside, just two exterior designs lines are available for the China-only model. Mercedes-Benz simply calls these its “saloon” (sedan) and “sports saloon” (sports sedan) variants. The saloon’s styling is similar to the Exclusive Line variant. There’s a bonnet-mounted Three-Pointed Star, a three-lourve front grille and additional chrome highlights on the front bumper.

Langversion der neuen E-Klasse Limousine Long-wheelbase version of the new E-Class Saloon

The sportier variant features an AMG Line front-end design. This includes a two-lourve front grille with a Three-Pointed Star in the centre and an AMG Line front bumper. At the rear, both cars feature identical styling, save for their unique diffuser inserts. Also, if you haven’t noticed it yet, there’s a new emblem on the C-pillar of the model, similar to what we first saw on the C-Class L.

Inside, both variants of the E-Class LWB are identical to each other, and very similar to the regular W213 as well. The only difference is at the rear, with the LWB offering 134 mm more legroom to rear-seat passengers, redesigned doors that open wider for easier entry and exit and two roof-mounted vanity mirrors.

The 40:20:40 rear seats are maintained, but the middle portion of the seat can be folded down to become a high-tech centre console cum arm rest. As standard, the arm rest features a USB socket. Optionally, buyers may add a wireless mobile device charging tray, a heated pad and an additional cupholder with temperature control. There’s also a permanently-integrated touchscreen in the centre console for rear passengers to access the vehicle’s infotainment controls. Likewise, passengers can do the same with a corresponding app on their smartphone or tablet devices.

Mercedes-Benz hasn’t yet detailed its engine options for its E-Class LWB, but we expect most of the model’s existing mills to be available. It does say that all variants will be equipped with a 9G-Tronic nine-speed torque converter automatic transmission as standard. Additionally, an E 200 L was name-dropped in the press materials, while E 320 L variants are pictured here.