Volvo S90 Excellence Interior Concept

Not content with the Volvo XC90 Lounge Console concept, Gothenburg has now repeated the treatment on its flagship sedan with the Volvo S90 Excellence interior concept, unveiled at the 2016 Beijing Auto Show. Like the SUV that came before it, the more opulent S90 – shown here in carved-out form – is a three-seater with an elaborate leg rest taking the place of the front passenger seat.

The Lounge Console, as it is so-called, is mostly carried over from the XC90, paired to the company’s most comfortable reclining rear seats. There are, however, a few changes – the large work table that rises up from the console is now no more, with the fold-out table rising from the centre armrest doing the job instead; the illuminated vanity mirror that flips up from under the table is also gone.

Replacing the retractable work table is a large screen – it appears to be the 12.9-inch iPad Pro incorporated into the panel – that can either be used as a work station in conjunction with the fold-out table, or in pure entertainment mode. The changes are said to bring the Lounge Console “closer to reality.”

Between the two rear seats, there is a control panel display that manipulates everything from the heated and cooled cup holder and the massage function, to the sound system and the large multi-media screen. Also fitted is a cooled box in the rear centre armrest, complete with two hand-cut crystal glasses by Swedish glassmaker Orrefors – yes, the same people who crafted the crystal gearknob on the T8 Twin Engine models.

“We had such positive feedback with our original Lounge Console Concept in the XC90 that we wanted to take it a step closer to reality in an S90 Excellence interior. With this interior we wanted to create a piece of art, a sculpture. We’ve taken many of the original concepts and made them come to life,” said Volvo’s vice president of interior design Robin Page.