The Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe test mule has been spied once again, this time undergoing road tests in Germany. The pre-production prototype here is still properly disguised from prying eyes, but progress can clearly be seen in the model’s development.

For starters, it is seen here for the first time with its single-lourve radiator grille with black pins. Chrome pins are usually featured, but given the matching gloss-black wing mirrors pictured here, an exterior Night Package could be fitted to this car.

Basic halogen bulbs can also be seen peeking through the vehicle’s disguise — LED High Performance headlamps and range-topping Multibeam LED options will become available for the production unit.

The spy photos also expose the E-Class’ dual stereo cameras at the top of the windshield and long-range radar affixed to where the front emblem will sit in the middle of the grille — this suggests that some of the W213 E-Class’s Drive Pilot and other advanced assistive features are likely to be carried over to the coupe.


The overall silhouette of the car appear to be quite similar to that the of new C-Class Coupe, besides the fact that the E-Class Coupe will be slightly larger. At the rear, wraparound tail lights are obvious, and like every other section of the car’s exterior, should mimic designs from the smaller C-Class Coupe and larger S-Class Coupe to fit right in between them. Inside, expect to see an near identical interior to the new E-Class sedan, save for its rear seating arrangement.

Just like the sedan, the coupe variant will be underpinned by Benz’s modular MRA architecture designed for rear-wheel drive vehicles. Engine options should mirror what’s available to the current sedan, being a range of four- and six-cylinder turbocharged units.

An AMG E63 Coupe is very much in Mercedes’ plans, and will sit at the helm of the E-Class Coupe range, packing a M177 4.0 litre bi-turbo engine that makes 612 PS, if the recently leaked spec sheets are accurate.