iTeksi 1

Public transport users will now have access to a brand-new mobile application called iTeksi. As the name suggests, the app allows users to book taxi services in a similar fashion to Grab. However, the service, which is owned by H&N City Taxi, differs from its competitors in one aspect, according to Berita Harian.

Speaking to the publication, iTeksi Malaysia managing director Harvinder Gill said only licensed drivers with proper documentation (including Public Service Vehicle licences) are allowed to be listed on the app to ensure the safety and comfort of their riders. Such requirements are not needed for Grab and Uber drivers, which has incurred the anger of many taxi drivers in the country.

“Taxi drivers in the country are entangled with all sorts of negative perceptions following complaints by the public of drivers who cheat and those who did not give a good service. Following this, we came up with the idea to develop this application that is based on quality, discipline, honesty, accessibility and innovation so it can be an added value to the taxi industry,” he said.

Like other applications that provide a similar service, passengers who are unhappy with their ride experience can make a complaint within the app. As of current, around 1,500 taxi drivers have been listed in the app, which is available for Android and iOS platforms.

iTeksi is just one of the many mobile apps that have been introduced in the country. In November, MesraCab made its debut, followed by a few months later. Even the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) are coming up with an app of its own.

With so many mobile applications to choose from, which one do you prefer? Do the alternatives to Uber and Grab provide a similar or better experience? Let us know in the comments below.