Ferrari 488 GTB Maranello 15

The announcement of Sergio Marchionne’s appointment to the post of CEO at Ferrari wasn’t the only bit of news revealed by the Italian company. The automaker also revealed its numbers for the first quarter of 2016, and reports that it’s the strongest ever for the brand.

Shipments totalled 1,882 units in Q1 2016, up 15% (1,635 units) from the corresponding period last year. This performance was driven by a 21% increase in sales of its V8 models, namely the 488 GTB and the 488 Spider. This offset the 6% drop in shipments of the 12-cylinder models, which the company said was brought about by the phase out of the FF, the completion of the life-cycle of the F12berlinetta and the LaFerrari having finished its limited series run.

All regions experienced sound year-on-year growth, with sales in Europe, the Middle East and Africa up by 24% (950 units), in the Americas by 2% (523 units), in China by 16% (156 units) and the Asia-Pacific market, by 14% (253 units).

It was previously reported that there were plans to increase Ferrari’s yearly output of vehicles to around 9,000 units by 2019. The strategic growth plan for the brand also includes expanding Ferrari in the luxury goods market.