Caltex Techron with Clean and Glide 1

Chevron Malaysia Limited has launched the new and improved Caltex with Techron, which has now been reformulated to include the company’s Clean and Glide technology. The fuel comes in two grades – RON 95 and RON 97, and will be sold at all Caltex stations according to the current fuel prices.

With Clean and Glide technology, friction within the key engine components is reduced, lowering wear and tear. Chevron claims that the technology will provide enhanced engine protection, improved fuel economy and maximised power with continued use over time.

The new technology’s ability was verified in the High Frequency Reciprocating Rig (HFRR) laboratory test, which is used to assess the lubricating properties of a fuel. The standard diesel lubricity test was modified to safely assess the lubricating properties of petrol.

Compared to its predecessor, the new Caltex formulation was 38% better at reducing wear scratches and 41% better at reducing friction within the engine, using petrol from around Asia Pacific and South Africa. Fuel efficiency also sees a gain of up to 3%, when compared to the previous formulation that did not contain Clean and Glide technology.

Aside from introducing the new fuel, Chevron also announced the “Caltex Fun Truck” contest (also known as “Techron Lab on Wheels Truck”), which will run from now till May 29, 2016.

To participate, members of the public simply need to snap a selfie with the truck and upload it on the Caltex Malaysia Facebook wall or on their personal Instagram accounts with the hashtags #CaltexMYNewTechron and #SpotCaltexFunTruck.

Over the four-week period, five weekly winners will be presented with StarCash cards worth RM200 (total of 20 cards) and be featured in Caltex’s promotional materials.

The truck will be parked at several “Techron Lab on Wheels Truck” roadshows at selected Caltex service stations, where the public will be treated to a demonstration of the benefits of the Techron fuel. The fuel roadshow schedule (subject to change) is posted below.

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